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Market Research

Information on Market Research and Online Market Research

Market Research, Public Statistics

Flowing Data
Data Visualization and Statistics

Get the Data
Q&A Service on Data and Market Research

Global Web Index
Market Research on Web Trends, eCommerce, Social Media etc.

ThinkInsights, Google
Market Research and Consumer Trends

IJIS, International Journal of Internet Science

Neural Network Forecasting

Forum: Qualitative Social Research

Market Research Reports

Research Live
Market Research News

World Wide Web Technology Surveys

WebSM, Web Survey Methodology Site

Services, Resources

SCImago Journal & Country Rank

Open Access
Information on the Access to Public Studies

Public Data and Statistics

Market Research, Public Statistics

Open Knowledge Foundation
Initiative on Providing Open Public Data
UN Project, Data on Development

UN Data
Data and Databases of the UN

ireon Gateway
International Relations and Area Studies

Federal Statistical Office and the Statistical Offices of the Laender (Countries of the German Federation)

INSEE, Institut National de la Statistique et des Etudes Economiques
Statistics on the French Economy and Society

Database of public and entrepreneural financial Transactions
National Business Statistics (US)
Data of the US Federal Government

US Census Bureau

FOLDEN.INFO - eMarketing & iMedia

FOLDEN.INFO eMedia Newsfeed
FOLDEN.INFO eMarketing Newsfeed

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Market Research, Information
Market Research Organizations
Social Web Research
Internet Studies
Markets for Studies

Market Research Tools
Market Research Services
Homepage Statistics
Tracking, Tracing
Knowledge Management
Big Data Services

Online Awards
Performance Monitoring
Internet Visualization
Consumer Information
Web Usability, Accessibility
Online Advertising
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