Privacy: No personal data is required to use the FOLDEN Website. Anonymous data may become collected for statistical purposes or by third party services, which are mentioned at Terms of Use. Some of these services may use cookies. It is on behalf of the user and by its browser settings, if the browser does accept cookies and if by this particular data is collected.

The service Google is offering interest based advertising. This kind of advertising delivers information related to the interest of visitors. The following informs about the basic functions and a way to opt out of receiving such kind of advertising.

The interest based advertising provided by Google is based on data about visited websites, which have in some way to do with advertisements by Google. This data is gathered within special files called cookies. This function may become deactivated by visiting a Google site with further privacy information related to the interest based advertising service. Please visit the following site for further information and an opt out function: Google Advertising and Privacy

Interest based advertising might be very useful. Google, too, offers the option to personalize and finetune the experience. To get further information about the optimization of the experience please visit Google Advertising Preferences.

For further information about the operator of FOLDEN please visit the Impressum.

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