Terms of Use

By using the FOLDEN Website the user acknowledges and agrees with these Terms of Use. The term FOLDEN Website describes the FOLDEN Directory and other integrated parts like the FOLDEN Weblogs and supplied Newsfeeds.

General: The FOLDEN Website links to third party services. The choice of such services is done by expert knowledge. Despite of this there is no responsibility to the operator of FOLDEN, if a user visits, uses or joins such service. If a user does take one of these formerly described actions, the terms of the third party service apply. FOLDEN, too, lists international services. It might be useful to users to know, that internationally may occur different regulations concerning privacy and other issues.

The FOLDEN Website uses services provided by third parties. These are ISP, advertising services, email and other features like social media buttons. Actually there is no need to supply personal data while using FOLDEN. Anonymous statistical data results from the pecularities of the internet. Those anonymous data might become aware by the third party services as it happens generally e.g. by clicking on a banner. Whereas there is no personal data required to use the service it might occur, if a user allows cookies at browsers or if a user is logged in to a service, which is impleted at the FOLDEN Website as well. For this the user alone is responsible as this occurs alone because of the configuration of equipment or because of the behaviour of a user.

At some areas there are social networking facilities available, where a user needs to register to use such a service. These services are supplied by third parties. If a user joins such a service, the terms of these services do apply.

Content: At several parts of the FOLDEN Website text content is supplied. These texts are written by expert knowledge. Nevertheless there is no liability to the operator of FOLDEN, if a user uses such information for any action.

Advertisements: The FOLDEN Website uses advertising services supplied by third parties. Advertisements may consist of banner ads, text ads or affiliate programs. Usually these ads are obvious. In part affiliate links may be used within the content. These affiliate links are not marked and only used, if these are suitable to the content. If a user wants to become aware of affiliate links, the user may put the cursor on a link to see the character of a link. To calculate a commission affiliate partners may track anonymous data of the use of a linked service to enable the calculation of commissions. As in general and if a user uses such a service, there is no liability to the operator of FOLDEN and the terms of such a service do apply. The general terms do apply.

The adverts provided by Google have a special feature called interest based advertising. This feature is realized by a cookie or other technologies and does require a hint as well as an opt out option to deactivate this feature. Please get further information about this at the page Privacy.

Other topics: The FOLDEN Website is supplied for use to the users. By using the service there does not arise any rights to the user. Whereas a during operation is aimed, there is no guarantee about this. Furthermore by the users use of the services there arises not any liability to the operator of FOLDEN.

The Terms of Use may become revised from time to time. This might be necessary because of legal requirements and will not be aimed to harm users but to keep operations in good order. Because users normally can not be reached personally changes of the terms will become available at this place.

The hints on liability and use of services supplied by third parties are necessary by german law, where the homepages of the FOLDEN Internet Portfolio are administrated. For further information about the operator of FOLDEN please visit the Impressum.

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