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Historical Museums

German Historical Museum

The Clasic Town Weimar, Stiftung Weimarer Klassik

Berlin Underground Association

African Music Encyclopedia

Encyclopedia Mythica Portal

History Channel Portal

The Internet Archive Online Project

Historic Documents, Texts and Videos

Museums, Documents, World Heritage

Eigen's Political and Historical Quotations

Search Engine for European Cultural Heritage

Digitalized Original Documents

Historical Text Archive

History and Politics Out Loud
Historical Audio Documents

Historical City Information

Librit Historical Texts of the Library of the University of Bologna

TED Famous Speeches

Cylinder Preversation and Digitization Project
Historical Audio Recording and Recordings

Internationale Stiftung Mozarteum
Mozart Information, free Music Sheets

The Sheet Music Archive Classical Music

Reel Radio Music Radio History

Smithsonian Global Sound Traditional Music

The Open Video Project Video Library

World Heritage and Natural History

Museums, Documents, World Heritage

Virtual Heritage Network

World Heritage, UNESCO

European Archive Artefacts

New Mexico Cultural Treasures

American Museum of Natural History

European Association of Archaeologists

EuroParc Nature Reserves in Europe

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