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Cyber Culture

Cyber Culture, Acronyms
Digital Library on Internet Sites, Culture

C3, Center for Culture and Communications
Archive of Media Art and Projects

Cultivate Interactive
Project Archive, 'Digital Heritage and Cultural Content'

Darwinian Poetry Computer, Human Poetry
Project, Code as Art

dizine Media Magazine

Doors of Perception Design Magazine

eCommunity Link
Development, Knowledge Network

Edge Foundation

IAA, Institute for Applied Autonomy

International Fashion Machines
Computer Art, HighTech Fashion Culture and Technology

Linky and Dinky Internet Curiousities

Living Internet Internet History

MetaFilter Open Community Blog

Mindjack Digital Culture Magazine

Netsurfer Digest
Informative Newsletter to quality Internet Sites

Nettime Mailing Lists

Media Art Portal, Research

NetPointer Projects

Orca Live
Internet Transmissions of Whale Singing

Plastic Online News Community

Public Netbase Projects

New Media Art Foundation ASCII

The Easter Egg Archive
Archive of Hidden Software Features

Information Society and Economy

Center for Online Addiction
Information on a new Health Problem

The Company Therapist
Stories from a HighTech Company

Acronyms and Internet Terminologies

Common Computer Encyclopedias and Dictionaries are to be found at Online Dictionaries.

Cyber Culture, Acronyms

Acronym Server

Acronym Finder

Internet FAQ Archives

Online Dictionaries
Acronyms, Languages, Terminologies

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