Citizen Journalism with Blasting News

Blasting News describes itself by social journalism and revolutionary. That is what it is about, although not unique. Because there are some portals for citizen journalism, especially the well known Huffington Post.

But Blasting News (here is the international site with self-expression Blasting News) has its own peculiarities. Already the surface of the service is making a good impression. There is a wide variety of topics like it is usual to newspapers and journals. The subjects are appealing, while far more individual than by established publications.

To become a reporter is open to all. Nevertheless Blasting News aims to provide 100% independently quality journalism. Attention is paid to quality, which is ensured by its own technology. This technology filters duplicates and plagiarisms, judges copyright issues and avoids advertising towards genuine reports. On the part of the reporter the service thus aimed at ambitious minded individuals, who want to write quality reports on various topics. To reporters the platform provides a reach of 10 million readers worldwide in numerous countries. Participants may become experts in their subject and earn an income based on the readers they reach within 30 days.

A further peculiarity of the site is the growth model, where it probably gets the description of being a social journalism from. The reporters may network with their friends at other social networks and build their own tribe of readers within the site. So if you want to write or aim to provide quality articles on Facebook or the like, Blasting News might be an alternative and enrichment to your activities.

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