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Searching within apps seems to become a new trend. We got already the social search engines, which enable to search within social networks and which are apps to these social networks. A new one of such social search engines is FILTA connecting to Twitter and enabling to search within the information provided by people you follow. The idea of FILTA is that the information provided by people you follow is of most value to you.

And now the search engine to which the header is pointing. It is a real app currently just available within the Apple store. This search engine app is called Vurb and the interesting approach of this app is to search within the apps installed on the smartphone and to organize the results. This eases the process, if information by more than one app is needed without having to switch between various apps. An example is a meeting with friends and organizing this meeting. Typically one looks for an event, a venue to meet and the best way to go there. Now by searching using Vurb you get suggestions about an event and got all information about nice places to meet and how to get there within a so called card. These cards may even be saved and sent to friends to choose an event together.

Searching within apps may become a hot trend as even Google has announce an api enabling Google to index the content provided within apps. The App Indexing will enable Google to avoid redundancy and to provide users the most easy way to access information, which in this case will be provided either via the web or within an app.

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