New Realtime Search Engine for News and Events

Tersee is the name of a new realtime search engine. The search engine has been developed by a small team in Berlin since 2011 and is now available to the public. The search engine is specialized in news and events. Beside texts the engine is searching for videos as well.

The search is fast and displays results about current news. Opposed to this searching for smaller music events did not show results. But this may either be related to the topic or to the early stage of the service, which is describe to be still in development at the about page.

Regarding the further functions Tersee shows interesting features. The most interesting one seems to be the ability to search for current videos. Another interesting feature are suggested search related keywords below the search form. Really helpful is the opportunity to search in particular languages and even in arabic (Language Filters). Other functions like the ability to subscribe to a feed of news is missing up to now.

Regarding marketing of the own service an embeddable code is provided, whereas sharing facilities are not available. To get further information and to give it a trial visit Tersee.

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