How to publish an Online Newspaper is offering an alternate publishing format to blogs and newsletters. The service is providing an online platform to create an online newspaper, which may be shared. At the same time it is a news community and does distribute the publications on its homepage.

The easiest way to compare with other services is a blog community. But is distinguishing itself by an essential point, the service provides a newsroom with millions of articles to choose from. By this it is a news aggregator, but separating itself again by enabling members to use the provided media within own publications. The sources comprise social media networks and newsfeeds. Publishers may choose from this sources by subscription, by choosing particular articles or automated integration of these sources to be displayed in the own publications.

And has more to offer. The service is providing tools to promote the created publications, to embed it into websites and to subscribe to the publications. Especially the latter is giving it the character of an alternative to a newsletter and to distribute information. By using a responsive design the publications may be viewed on all common devices to access online information today. These tools and provided statistics are making the service usable to businesses as well.

The service is available in a free and a pro version. To get an overview about the look of the online newspapers the Kiosk is recommended, the features are explained by Learn more at the homepage of

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