Screen Recording in HD and better Resolutions

HD screen resolution matters at screen recording as well and even better solutions with better resolutions are available. Screen recording software may be used to create presentations or tutorials and even a particular film and video genre exists. It is machinima, describing the recording of gaming scenes or scenes within virtual reality worlds, which by the way is most popular. Two screen recording software providers are introduced in this article.

The first is Screenpresso, which enables to create hd videos and screenshots. Further comfortable features are the facility to record scrolling areas and an integrated image editor. Sharing functions to share a created video immediately are integrated as well. The software is available by a free and a pro version.

Bandicam is the second one. This software even works with a resolution up to 2560×1600 making it most interesting to users with a screen resolution higher than hd. According to its features Bandicam is recommending itself for general purposes and especially to record gaming scenes and virtual reality. What is most interesting to the gaming scene and its long sessions is an unlimited recording time. To get further information visit Bandicam.

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