Simultanous Internet TV with Video Chat

A new kind of internet tv service is launched by SimulTV. The service is connecting internet tv with social media functions already known by some internet video services and apps by enabling synchronous tv watching and video chat. At all the service works in a similar way like synchronous internet video services by one person initializing a session and inviting others.

To chat with each other the service includes a pip format (picture in picture) known from well equipped television sets. Chatters do appear within the streams and are always able to look at each other. Furthermore the synchronous access to Facebook and Twitter is possible.

The choice of content is extraordinary as well by being available to a global audience opposed to the common copyright restrictions to tv content. During the start in June about 40 channels, are available, in July the service will include about 100 channels and provide on demand and own editorial content as well. To get further information watch these videos and visit the homepage of SimulTV.

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