Micro Sharing of Text Parts and Images by Marking

To blogs and websites Markerly provides an innovative sharing tool. Visitors of such an enhanced site are able to share parts of texts and images as snippets. This is an opportunity to sites to enhance the engagement and a great option to visitors and readers to point to a particular part of a site or for citations.

The integration into websites is most easy and happens by submitting the internet address of the website to be enhanced into a form. Personalization features are just following below the form. The provided code has to be placed within the source code of a site. Further features of the services are comprehensive web analytics.

In particular nice is the option to share images combined with the option to do so on Pinterest, which makes it feasible by an easy step to participate in the Pinterest hype. According to figures mentioned in the site engagement increases by 20% after integrating the tool. To get further information visit Markerly,

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