Augmented Reality Glasses by Google

Cnet News reports about HUD, which stands for head-up displays and describes glasses equipped with hightech. After some month of rumours about the engagement of Google in this field now a prototype has been seen. The glasses are equipped with the Android OS known by smartphones and the functions do include maps and local services. Furthermore an integrated cam will screen the environment and enable to deliver information based on augmented reality, the enrichment of the integrated display with information relevant to the near location.

This is great news, but before referring to the original article within the article Google’s HUD glasses have been sighted some further interesting stuff is mentioned, the growing presence of enterprises manufacturing wearable technology at this place also described by hightech fashion or watches with internet. Such products already are known for a while, but without broad acceptance and by this some companies already disappeared again. Now according to the article When will wearables be wearable? such manufacturers at the CES, a fair on consumer electronics, had a strong presence again.

And here is the original article about HUD by Google, which is cited in the Cnet article above. The article describes the functions of the glasses and includes an image as well: HUD Google Glasses are real and they are coming soon.

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