The Video Social Network Kondoot

This is a great service to be the topic of the first post on a blog about online media in the new year. Kondoot is a social network totally based on video and furthermore with a great variety of video. It has a similar look like Facebook or Google+, but the whole communication is based on video.

Most similar to the typical social networking approach are the status updates, which on Kondoot may become posted by webcam video or phonecam or other means and in the same way answered. Beside status updates live broadcasting is a major feature. Similar to personal broadcasting services and video chats people are able to start a show broadcasting to all or just to friends. Furthermore Kondoot is offering the broadcasting feature to artists and musicians, who are able to broadcasts live events or concerts. The latter may happen by payment and is giving an earning opportunity to artists. Later on sport and other events are announced to follow.

Some further background information about the service is available by a blog post of The Wall Street Journal. It is interesting that two campus friends started the network reminding on the Mark Zuckerberg story and they pronounce to be aware about the potentials. Another point is rather strange as the service is mentioned to be the first video social network. But despite of similarities to the features of personal broadcasting services and Facebook as well as Google+ offering live video functions indeed Kondoot the first social network in the typical social network design being totally based on video. Meanwhile by the way the service has members in 133 countries worldwide already.

To get an overview about the functions visit features and to log in or for further information about the service at all have a look at the homepage of Kondoot.

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