New Photo Camera Design for Light Field Photography

This summer Lytro has announced a new photo technology, the light field technology, a technology revolutionary as the appearance and design of the now introduced camera itself.

The light field technology enables to make a photo of a whole volume and by this focussing and zooming an object happens after making the photo. This has consequences regarding the camera design being completely different as the now introduced images of the camera show. According to former articles the camera should have come to the market at the end of 2011 and according to current articles the first delivery of the cameras will happen at the first quarter of 2012. What now has been introduced are the different models, which differ in storage and color. But the real clou is the appearance of the camera at all being completely different to common photo cameras by missing typical elements, which are just obsolete.

To have a look you find the camera at the Lytro homepage with further information and images to explore the new technology available by the menu tabs and at Press. Further reviews too with photos and videos are available by articles of Cnet and Mashable. Last but not least pre orders may be done at the homepage of Lytro.

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