Comment System with Social Networking is a new aggregator for comments on the social web and a social networking service at the same time. The application, which is available for Chrome, Firefox and IE by plugin, enables to store comments within the application and to get an overview of own comments and the ongoing discussions.

To use the application for social networking friends may become imported by email addresses, which will be available for Facebook and Twitter friends later on. The overview of the activities of friends and the comments they did on the social web probably is one of the most interesting features of the app by enabling to participate in these discussions. To do so here an integration with Facebook and Twitter already exists and comments done at these services may be stored within the app.

Furthermore the system has social networking fuctions like following to get new friends or to follow interesting people. Last but not least the service is equipped with various ways to assort and administrates comments done on the web. To get some further information read the article below or visit

Is Pushnote, the new Stephen Fry-backed Web comments service, actually any good?

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