Social Network with Lifestreaming and Microblogging Facilities

miio is the name of a new social network, which includes lifestreaming and microblogging facilities and which received a positive review by The Next Web.

The typical functions are messaging and social networking with making and connecting to friends as well as following. Messages are short but not limited to few characters and may contain media like photos and videos without the need to skip to another service. As known by lifestreaming services like Friendfeed the service enables to create groups to discuss or focus on particular topics in public and in private mode. Completely different is the approach to organize the content submitted to the network. Beside a search engine the site includes a directory assorted by topics and timelines. Additionally news streams may be accessed by kind of media and other formats like questions, locations and reviews.

In the time of such popular services like Facebook and Twitter starting a new social networks needs to be seen as a challenge. But with its enhanced functions and connections to other services by feeds similar to a social media aggregator miio seems to have a chance. And the service is already well frequented indeed. To get further information read the review below and visit the miio homepage.

Early adopter alert: miio is here, and it’s looking really slick

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