Lifestreaming Applications become Mainstream

There is no internet applications as fast as lifestreaming applications. Lifestreaming applications do notify about updates of subscribed sources immediately. These notifications might be about photos or videos of friends or important information. What makes lifestreaming applications interesting especially in a time of information overflow is their aggregator function. One may just need a single application to follow all sources of interest. Lifestreaming applications do have an increasing acceptance as these become integrated into more and more applications. Three interesting applications that have integrated lifestreaming functions are introduced below, one of these apps just has been launched. Further applications are available at the directory by lifestreaming.

Minixr is a new microblogging service. At the microblogging reach all kind of data may become posted, texts as well as multimedia files. At the same time Minixr is a social network aggregator, that integrates other social media services and that informs about relevant updates. Making a post to Minixr is feasible by various applications and there is a application available to share updates at facebook.

Digsby aggregates several instant messaging services. The IM software furthermore informs about new emails at third party services and about updates by lifestreams.

Yoono is a recommendable tool realized as a browser plugin. Yoono is a social media service itself as well as a social networking tool. By widgets various services may become integrated into a flexible sidebar. One of these is a lifestreaming widget, that notifies about updates at other services. If the browser window is not active, notifications are shown within a tiny window.

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