Online Advertising Trends: Native Advertising and Podcasting

Two online advertising studies do refer to current trends. One is about native advertising and the other about the steady rising of online audio channels.

An even dramatic growth has been detected regarding native advertising by the Media Radar Native Advertising Index. The latest issue reports about the last half year 2014. According to this study the use of native advertising has grown by 24% in this period compared to the former half year. The figure indicates brands using this format. As already noted formerly at this blog, there is a steadily growing for the acceptance of native advertising by marketers: Native Advertising Index – February 2015.

Steady growth as well happens to the audio channels online radio and podcasting. Digital Content Next describes these channels by having become mainstream. Regarding all kind of content television is reported to still be the number one source to consume news in the US. But even this is only due regarding the whole population and does no longer apply to internet user.
Meanwhile the internet is the undisputed number one to everything that has to do with music. Revenues generated by streaming media outdated cd sales for the first time in 2014 (RIAA Study: Music Streaming Revenues Up 29% in 2014, Surpass CD Sales). And the internet has become the primary source for information about music as well.

The above cited figures on revenues by music streaming services as well as the steady growth of online radio and podcasting show the importance of the internet to music consumption. Additionally about 60% of the 12- 24 years age group accesses music videos on YouTube. According to the Digital Content Next publication online radio and podcasting will become promising online advertising channels with high growth potential. This forecast is in accordance with own observations reported in the former article Podcasting is booming (s.a. Podcasting 2015: Online Radio Consumption and Podcasting go Mainstream.

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