YouTube Influencer Marketing Service

To place a video advertising various ways exist, common video averts at all or e.g. product placements. To make a product placement or to place a sponsoring message the direct contact to a channel is necessary. This may happen by contacting a channel or via content networks.

A rather new option to video is realized by FameBit, which takes influencer marketing to videos on YouTube. Influencer marketing with its contact to competent or popular publishers is already well known on blogs and social networks. Such services enable to get in contact with competent or popular channels to distribute marketing messages.

Of interest is the approach by FameBit, which places itself below the most popular channels and within niches. According to an article by ReelSEO the listed channels got between 50000 and 500000 subscribers. By this FameBit is different to content networks, which typically represent the most popular video channels on YouTube. Furthermore the service enables to get in contact directly. Typical forms of video advertising are reviews, tutorials or other kind of mentions of products. The costs are 300.- US Dollars on average starting at 100.- US Dollars.

Further information and examples of the video advertising formats are available by the article YouTube Influencer Marketing is NOW Open to All Brands, participation happens via registration at the FameBit homepage.

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