Latest Digital Marketing Trends

How do you think about the state of the internet, already matured, still in the beginning or in the middle of its development? By the already existing various means and the fast development within in the last years it seems to be difficult to not use the term matured. But in reality and e.g. by thinking about interactive television and the internet of things in some cases the development is still in an early stage and at all one may state it is somewhere in the middle of its development.

This is due as well to online marketing and taking a wider approach to digital marketing. Latest terms to describe these trends are „connected moments“ concerning the mood when receiving a marketing message and „hyper personalization“ describing advanced targeting by using big data. A most interesting term is „storybuilding“, which is the next step of storytelling. By storybuilding people become involved in creating a message or some kind of media, something becoming possible by the advanced involvment of people and the inner attribute of the internet of being interactive as well as being related to social media. Furthermore there is „native advertising“, which even in the article is not described by new but which is a nice example of the contemplations above. Other approaches and themes like smart tv, live streaming by using smartphones or the quantified self in the context of smartphones or ehealth may be added nearly endless.

(Some terms are taken from this article written in german only: Fresh from the US: Digital Marketing-Trends)

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