Social Media Software for Websites

Establishing a social network on websites with just a couple of clicks is what offers for free.

This sounds good and by ning or sixgroups there are already some services available offering similar services. But is new and respresents itself with up to date and advanced professional functions. Of interest is of course the simple handling, which needs just a code snippet to be integrated at a website to start. Furthermore there is already a reasonable amount of people using the services, 250000 users and 1000 websites according to an article by Hypebot.

Especially several modern marketing instruments are making the service most interesting. It is equipped with modern analytics features and enables an enterprise to participate in discussions in realtime. Furthermore content marketing is mentioned in particular. Content may be directed to users and be shared by them. Content is even an argument of to promote the service. By using it the content may remain at a company website and by this it may be monetized instead of being monetized by other social networks, where the content is usually shared. A further important feature is the option to import data generated elsewhere by an api interface. Last but not least it appears with responsive design to be displayed on any device, does not have any restrictions regarding the amount of users and is equipped with filter functions to avoid unwanted content:

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