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Buzzsumo is a most convenient tool to find the content that ranks best for a particular topic regarding the amount of shares it received. Getting the data is as easy as searching by submitting the relevant keywords. Furthermore the tool is universal by assorting the results by media category (article, infographics, videos etc.). It shows the shares at the most popular social networks, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.

Beside this interesting feature at all the service is intended to enable users to find the most important influencers, who are spreading the content. These sharers become visible by a link near the found results related to the submitted keywords. At this point the service works like a personal analytics service, which have become popular by services like Klout. The intention of such services is to get in contact with influencers to get own content promoted. But Buzzsumo is slightly different. At personal analytics services influencers participate to be promoted. The approach of Buzzsumo is based on the content and the contact to influencers may happen by their linked Twitter accounts. To learn more about this interesting service visit Buzzsumo.

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