Online Marketing Innovations by Google

The year just started, but Google already introduced its latest innovations and the place is just enough to talk about marketing beside e.g. innovations related to the comment system of YouTube.

A bit surprising are restrictions regarding the connections of websites and Google+ profiles, which includes the Authorship feature. Using this feature enables to display a profile image nearby search results. This is important as studies show that the use of profile images nearby search results usually leads to higher click through rates. But according to an up to date announcement displaying a profile image beside the search result will not remain a matter of course. To take advantage of this feature your image should be proper and meaningful. The reasons may be broad usage or search engine spam: Google Cuts Authorship in Search Results by 20-40%.

The second innovation concerns a new advertising format called +Post ads. This ad format takes use of Google+ Posts and puts these posts into Google Ads. The interactivity and option to communicate will last and by this the new ad format reminds of native ads. Opposed to native ads +Post ads are not displayed within newsstreams of a social network, but across the Google Display Network. Nevertheless it is most similar as the ads include the interactive features and do reach people at some place of activity. Currently the +Post ads are in beta and not available to all. To get further information a particular site has been installed: +Post ads.

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