The RTB Advertising Market in Europe is growing

The DSP (demand side platform) service provider adform has released a comprehensive report about the european real time bidding market. The quarterly published report is giving deep insights into the current state of the market of RTB as well as into the online advertising ecosphere at all and the correlations between different advertising strategies. The figures are discussed regarding seasonal occurences, particular banner formats and industry segments.

In general the european RTB market is in a healthy state and growing. An important sign according to Exchange Wire is the establishment of private advertising exchanges for programmatic advertising (an alternate description of real time bidding) mostly used by premium publishers, which now do participate in the market. An overview of the report is given within the following article, the whole study may be downloaded by the link below:

Adform RTB Trend Report Europe Q3 2013 (Exchange Wire)

Download RTB Report Q3 2013 (adform)

Additionally Exchange Wire points to an interesting infographic illustrating the process of the delivery of an ad running via a DSP platform. The infographic is supplied by the DSP service provider Turn. It described the whole process of ad creation and especially the occurences after buying advertising space via a DSP service. According to the graphic the whole process of choosing matching ads, negotiating the price and choosing the winner until the ad media is displayed within a browser lasts 0.36 seconds: Turn Infographic: The Life of an Ad.

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