Internet Marketing Review October

The internet marketing review and directory update October includes the topics Internet Marketing and Advertising, Media Innovations and Online Shopping. Below follows a brief analysis of up to date internet marketing trends.

Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

One of the highlights of the update is the appearance of meta services for advertising exchanges, dsp and rtb platforms etc., which brings transparency in the trade of online advertising media. In addition to the two services already presented, AdFin and Index Exchange, this update includes an enabler, Iponweb. The service provides means for connectivity and data aggregation to the different platforms acting in this online advertising market. Iponweb thus represents the technological requirements as a service to establish some kind of meta platforms depending on the intention of a creator.

A current and important issue as well, which has been covered during the month is content marketing. After first sporadic appearances now more of specialized content marketing services evolve like Boomads and Skyword and services to spread content like the viral seeding service linkilike.

User generated content is already longer an issue. Some services operating in this field already disappeared and others are still serving the needs of their clients. Today the internet is not to imagine without user generated content anymore, which in turn brings new services (Curalate and Foap).

Further focal points of the update are social media marketing with a number of social media analytics services and video marketing.

Update October: Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

Media Innovations, Home Networking and Smart TV Solutions

A look at media innovations is clarifying the immense potential of the internet by the diversity of particular applications. Those who have long engaged in online media may appreciate the general availability of fast internet access and the fast mobile internet. And despite this comfort existing today, there are still potentials for further development in all directions. This is something having been identified in early studies and which is of economic as well as of scientific importance (through the rapid exchange of data in the research), something that has been decribed by the phrase the internet will change everything and that it will have the same importance like the invention of electricity, steam engines or the automobile.

So this is reflected in the different kind of innovations and approaches of the update, the beginning boom of Smartwatches and 3d print, internet enabled glasses and headsets or internet terminals with personalization as supplied by Zoomkube. The latter gives the opportunity to mention another approach, which concerns the use of data beside the common use by online advertising and marketing in general. This approach is called the Quantified Self, which encloses data of daily living available from the use of a number digital devices and media in a wider sense. In a broader sense because this concerns data beyond the data collected from common smartphone use like localization etc., but e.g. data collected by apps or special devices to measure athletic performance. These data arise in addition to the qualitative data such as lifestyle and consist of measurable variables to a person and possibly their physical performance, which ultimately merges into the medical field. At all this may be favorable, but has to be reconsidered regarding the general discussion of privacy.

A bridge to more tangible innovations is given by home networking and home automation applications. The home automation market, automatic control of home appliances and remote control is gaining momentum slowly as well. The market is as big like the television market, but there are entry barriers like financials or privacy concerns again. However, the evolution is progressing happening in the simpliest way by connecting computers, smartphones and home entertainment. At the update home automation apps are represented by ivee, qgate and wattio. The metaphor about the bridge now becomes sense by thinking about the ability of such apps to gather quantifiable data on individuals like preferred room temperature.

Finally, the biggest chunk in the foreseeable future in the media business, which is interactive television currently presenting itself as smart tv and which has still its own innovative potentials by standards like HbbTV. Representative to the expectations around the growing business with smart tv is the number of solution providers that offer solutions to this market. In fact, the number of solution providers far exceeds the number of already usable internet tv applications. So upcoming services may be eagerly awaited.

Update October: Media Innovations, Home Networking and Smart TV Solutions

Online Shopping and Private Trade

Last but not least there is an update on online shopping. Shopping sites of course are numerous and by this the selection of shopping sites is still somewhat vague. But even here, there are new trends and phenomena beyond the purpose to buy or sell stuff making the focus here.

Former trends have been daily deals, where the market has calmed down somewhat and consolidated. Similar things have been observed regarding price comparison services already. Opposed to this social shopping is still a most active reach like the market of private rental.

Another trend is the globalization of trade, which at this point does not concern the globalization but individual purchases and sales. A number of services operate here and do serve the demand for exotic or just specific products. So for example there are Fancy, Grand St. and The Grommet selling extraordinary and undiscovered products and products of independent manufacturers of electronics. Marketplaces for arts and crafts or popular as well with some services being active internationally (ezebee). The latter trend is even global being documented by bixti and elo7 both active in South America.

Update October: Online Shopping and Private Trade

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