Internet Marketing Review September

The internet marketing review and directory update September includes the topics Internet Marketing and Advertising, Online Market Research and Mobile Internet. Below follows a brief analysis of up to date internet marketing trends.

Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

The online marketing update September stands out, consists of known trends and also shows surprises. The known trends include marketing services of real-time personalization and social media. The surprise, a whole range of marketing services for YouTube, which is often called the second biggest search engine. A further highlight new trend, the convergence of offline and online data to realize the personalization of out of home media and other things. Two global initiatives of two true global player have to be mentioned as well, Facebook and Google. Both have launched initiatives aiming to connect the whole world via the Internet, the Facebook initiative and Google with the Loon Project. These two activities clearly demonstrate the high importance of internet businesses today related to the global economy and how it can affect as well the entire global development.

But back to the trends, first the general. Related to the subject of online advertising in real time are the platforms AdEx and sitescout. Interesting due to the extended benefits is particularly the latter, which describes itself as a self-serv platform and which has features for creating and managing advertising. This makes sense to the typical demand of smaller businesses. The subject of personalization is covered by InboundWriter offering content optimization and Factual. The data service by Factual is providing offline data of locations to be combined with mobile advertising. Particularly noteworthy are also StuffBuff with an innovative advertising format of in text ads that display adverts related to marked text, and Kwanzoo, a rich media marketing platform. Numerous services finally are included within the update on social media marketing services.

Very numerous as well are video marketing and advertising services. Examples are the social and viral video marketing services Milyoni and Virool. Then and surprising as described is a whole range of services dedicated to video marketing on YouTube in particular. Surprisingly, since this was hardly the case so far and even though YouTube is by far the undisputed market leader of video sharing platforms. Although there has always been the sporadic occurrence of services with extensions to YouTube functions such as interactive video concrete marketing solutions have not existed or have not gained attraction. Other services are providing support services to creators of video content, which can be seen as a concession to the realization of a permanent establishment from YouTube. Two such supporter services with a similar approach are Fullscreen and Maker. Both support its members in the development and marketing of their video content and at the same time in monetizing. A new starter in this context is TubeStart, a crowdfunding service specifically financing YouTube activities. Concretely dedicated to YouTube Marketing are the services vidIQ, which includes the YouTube analytics feature vidIQ vision. The latter is what tubular makes accessible in real time. The same occurrences by the way have been found related to Google+ with being an example.

Finally, the convergence of offline and online data. Approaches are known e.g. from the use of credit information by services like Cardlytics. In a similar way LiveRamp combines crm data with online marketing facilities and the above mentioned service Factual has to be mentioned in this context as well. Not to be seen without criticism regarding the much quoted data privacy breaches today are the ambitions of Amscreen, a large out of home media and digital signage network. Amscreen has recently acquired the face detection company Quividi and thus can personalize digital signage advertising. Furthermore amscreen acquired the realtime analytics company OptimEyes leading to personalized advertising on digital signage displays happening in real time. Even finer results may come out by a new Google patent dedicated to its Google Glass project. In this context Google received a patent on monitoring eye movements and emotional reactions.

Update September: Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

Online Market Research, Big Data and Data Services

There is a broad update to online market research this month. In addition to the major theme big data and common topics like online surveys and web analytics this update includes a broad array of linked and open data services. The latter prosper and provide access to public data as well as to data available online. These standards and means are part of the semantic web making it feasible to fetch specific data from websites. This kind of data becomes accessible by so called data engines and databases like d8taplex and dataProvider.

Of course the subject of real time is present in market reseach as well, with for example the online survey service Netigate outputting the results of online polls in real time or Trendrr providing social media data for media and advertising.

Other topics in the update on online market research are a/b and multivariate website testing services to optimize e.g. landing pages, data visualization services as well as business intelligence and knowledge management.

Update September: Online Market Research, Big Data and Data Services

Mobile Internet, App Development and Mobile Business

The update on the mobile internet includes interesting new apps, app development services as well as platforms. Furthermore mobile voip and mobile business solutions are included.

Update September: Mobile Internet, App Development and Mobile Business

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