Micro Video and Electronic Commerce

The micro video format, videos of just some seconds length, is gaining steam and since the market entry of Twitter with its service Vine the micro video format gains even more and more general popularity.

Typically micro video is used in the context of status updates within social networks and on particular specialized video networks like Tout or Viddy. Now Sociogram is bringing micro video to ecommerce.

Sociogram is offering a micro video solution to be integrated at ecommerce sites able to fulfill various purposes. An example given at the homepage is to give a video greeting in addition to a virtual gift card, which for sure is a nice idea. Furthermore and since some early experiences with Vine state that on Twitter micro video works fine with brands it might be a nice addition to ecommerce sites in general. So one may think about adding it to the end of the check out process for promotional messages or cross selling and the like. To get further information about this innovative video service visit the homepage of Sociogram.

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