Internet Marketing Review March

The internet marketing review and directory update March includes the topics Internet Marketing and Advertising, Media Innovations and B2B Trade. Below follows a brief analysis of up to date internet marketing trends.

Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

The lately started services introduced at the update do reflect the mega trend of data based marketing, which in some way is present now at all channels. There are pure data based marketing services, realtime bidding platforms based on data, local marketing services or recommendation engines. Examples regarding this general trend at different channels are Owned it, a referral solution based on the engagement of customers, Relationship Science, a service related to business networking and lead generation naming itself a relationship development service based on influence research, or Getonic, a service combining customer retention and social selling.

This continues with rich media marketing starting with the ambitious interactive television (Audible Magic). Here MediaSpike offers a targeting solution to in game advertising and PaeDae is offering a white label solution to games with personalized prizes.

Numerous this month are mobile marketing services and again social media marketing services. Of interest are a large number of services dedicated to app marketing, which in an advanced market has become a more sophisticated task. Another sign of this advanced market are vertical services like Tapsense, which specializes in the marketing of retail apps. Regarding monetization Add Apptr has to be mentioned, a kind of an aggregator bundling several monetization services and enabling to participate in these services.

Update March: Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

Digital Media Innovations

What is innovative today at digital media? The interactive television will become mainstream, the devices aka tv sets are on the market and regarding the providing of services a whole range of new solution providers enters the market. These solution providers by far outnumber the services provided on the client side. But something big and new lately came from Google, which introduced sendtotv, an app button to beam videos choosen on a smartphone to the big screen. Something similar is done by Flingo.

But what has been meant by digital media innovations today is happening at the reach of gadgets. The topic video of course is present again by wearable cams complementing wearable computing at all. Furthermore again a couple of new smartwatches are brought to the market. This trend is firmly connected to embedded computing, which is served by a new cloud services called Cumulocity. In general by the way crowd funding has an important role regarding the development of gadgets, which in part finances some of the mentioned smartwatches and as well other devices like game consoles.

At computing in particular various open source standards around html5 do generate some rumours. Most coverage had the WebRTC standard enabling realtime communication within the browser. So one may rethink again how the interactive television of the future will look like.

Update March: Digital Media Innovations

B2B Online Trade, Business Directories and Classifieds

At b2b trade a couple of new services is listed, some serving online trade in particular and other providing expert information. Remarkable are two internationally oriented services, the business directory service kompany and the classifieds service backpage.

Update March: B2B Online Trade, Business Directories and Classifieds

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