Content Marketing and Marketing Attribution as Strategies

Two studies about content marketing do inform about the continuing development of providing content, which has become a popular marketing strategy and mean.

Content marketing, the providing of content to inform and to be shared, has become a proven and accepted mean of the marketing mix, which especially in the context of the social media boom became popular to foster the sharing of content.

This task may happen at different departments, traditionally by public relations and social media releases, in the pure online world by providing marketing materials for document sharing or directly executed by the marketing department. By a growth rate of 5% over the last year outsourcing to specialized companies has become a popular way. Additionally forecasts expect further growth to both the b2b as well as to the b2c segment: Corporate Spending on Branded Content Rises.

The content marketing approach is connected to the marketing attribution strategy, the tracking of activities leading to a sale or another desired activity like a registration. One may say it is a kind of evaluation of an off page sales funnel and deeply connected to market and marketing research. It evaluates different channels of communications and enables the targeting of the dissemination and contribution of content. Below is a study about the growing importance of marketing attribution followed by articles explaining this approach.

Marketing Attribution Modeling now becoming Mainstream

Why You Should Care About Marketing Attribution

Marketing Attribution: Valuing the Customer Journey

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