Internet Marketing Review September

The internet marketing review and directory update September includes the topics Internet Marketing and Advertising, Media Innovations and Software Development. Below follows a brief analysis of up to date internet marketing trends.

Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

The realtime web and social media are the essential topics of this marketing update in September. Beside this there is a rich media trend across all channels.

Regarding realtime advertising Infectious Media and Admeta are offering solutions, in one case a demand side platform and in the other case a solution to establish private advertising exchanges. Infectious Media actually is expanding its services by making it available in further languages. The comprehensive solutions is capable to serve various formats like display and video as well as to connect to various realtime bidding platforms. Realtime bidding too is a feature Admeta is providing.

Newer lead generation services are offering multi channel approaches and the integration of data gathered at the social web (, With the same approach Acquisio is providing a marketing suite to agencies. Rich media is used by the lead generation service Swyzzle, which provides video as part of the shopping experience and in communications.

All these features are available to services focussing on social media as well. For instance there is with an ad management solution and the lead generation service Valuescope. In particular there are a lot of new social media analytics services to serve various purposes, campaigns, monitoring, influence marketing and reputation management.

Related to video marketing three new platforms are listed all offering ways to monetize content. These are the video hosting services DaCast and Pivotshare and by OpenSlate an online marketplace on video advertising.

Update September: Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

Digital Media Innovations, Smart TV and Computing

At the IFA in Berlin, one of the largest trade fairs on consumer electronic, for sure a broad range of products is introduced and despite of this for sure there is nothing wrong to say that high resolution tv sets and smart tv are the hottest topics these days regarding the ongoing development of interactive television.

Interesting at all is the finding that smart tv by the apps format now has become at least an interim standard with an ongoing development. These kind of tv sets has been introduced for the first time last year and mostly these tv sets are connected with own cloud services to host and share media. This trend is forced by the implementation of more computing power like it has been found at Panasonic providing tv sets equipped with dual core processors. This computing power enables to use comfortable features like voice control as well as enhanced computing functions like image processing. The latter is something Sony shows by bringing image processing on 4k devices in combination with the cloud service PlayMemories, which has an impressive performance. And Toshiba by the way is discussing computing by making security an issue.

An interesting observation is the fact that the whole development appears with a rhythm of waves. Already some years ago tv sets combined with computers have been introduced and the large chip makers AMD and Intel were there. After not being present the following year or at least not been visible as before now both have a booth again.

Computing additionally concerns a further trend shown again by Panasonic, which by its cloud services introduced last year already serves its smart tv customers. This year the company introduces services called Panasonic Smart Appliances, which are dedicated to home networking and the control of home appliances.

Introduced as well have been Google TV devices both tv sets and set top boxes. These bring the full internet experience to tv by being able to access data and media in a typical way. This has been tested by accessing some video and audio content. Whereas accessing video on a tv set seems to be a matter of course at least regarding Google and YouTube and which indeed is something most smart tv sets are able to do, this is not evident to mp3 files. A mp3 file becomes easily accessed and played on Google TV devices, but not on every other smart tv set. The remote control of the Google TV set tested by the way was equipped with some kind of a pointer replacing the mouse and with a keyboard on the back side.

The remote control is an important topic of its own with diverse solutions. A favorite of many manufacturers are apps to be installed on smartphones or tablet computers. Not really an alternative choice are touchscreen functionalities of the large displays of tv sets, but these are great fun.

4k, the fourfold resolution of hd, already is available by various manufacturers and this probably will become the next standard. Up to now this again favors the further integration of computing, which is because the internet is the only platform available to distribute such content currently.

Another innovation in the range of displays has been presented by Vestel showing Transparent LCD (here is a video). This display may become added to shop windows to catch the attention and let people look through the windows to view the real products. And redarding display the company United Entertain introduced a first network to distribute 3d content visible without glasses. Currently the company is active by providing digital signage, which is present in Germany across large cinemas.

Regarding audio 3d sound seems to be a serious trend already mentioned at various boothes. The solution provider Sonic Emotion describes its product as a successor to stereo and dolby surround. An audio technology still in development is Dialogue Enhancement. This technology enables to filter out particular audio content e.g. to emphasize the scenery of an event or vice versa the voice of a reporter.

Furthermore providers of all kind of accessories have a strong presence, things already on the market some years ago and in part having a revival now. To name a few there are solar chargers and chargers to be connected to cigarette lighters, outdoor equipment and wearable technologies. Remarkable in particular and new are lady handbags. Further trend stuff are dj equipment, roboters and powerline communications.

Last but not least a detail out of the range of home appliances. The manufacturer BEKO introduces a refrigerator with an integrated display with full internet functionality. Interestingly this screen is equipped with the rather exotic browser maxthon. Special features of the device comprise the access to particular data about food and best date of consumption as well as its availability and shopping lists.

Update September: Digital Media Innovations, Smart TV and Computing

Software and Software Development

The update on software includes software directories and information services and focusses on software development. At innovations a couple of services on the automated creation of mashups are listed, the already longer existing services IFTTT and Yahoo Pipes and a new service called Zapier. To developers information services are listed and cloud as well as paas services to develop and host web and mobile apps.

Update September: Software and Software Development

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