Internet Marketing Review August

The internet marketing review and directory update August includes the topics Internet Marketing and Advertising, Online Payment and Venture Capital. Below follows a brief analysis of up to date internet marketing trends.

Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

A couple of interesting services are included in the online marketing update August, but at this time without a dedicated trend. This is because what happens every year, it is summer and holiday season.

Despite of this the innovations are located in the emerging segments, social media and the arising connected and smart tv market. Regarding smart tv beside the lately covered service smartclip offering advertising solutions the service wywy is part of the update synchonizing the tv experience with the second screen.

At social media a real innovation has been introduced by Sunnytrail. This service takes the approach of influencer marketing, usually happening on seperate platforms dedicated to personal analytics and reputation management, into the social networks and enables to evaluate and connect with influencers out of the own followers. Likewise a trend topic is served by AgoraPulse, a social crm solution to be used on Facebook. Of interest regarding social media analytics there is Social Crawlytics, a competitive intelligence service to analyse and compare the social sharing behavior happening to different services.

Last but not least a couple of video marketing services are included. There are cleeng and Rightster offering monetization solutions bundled with further features and Vidyard, a service offering video hosting combined with video marketing.

Update August: Internet Marketing and Online Advertising Innovations

Online Payment, Solutions and Electronic Cash

Most agile is the online payment market with new services filling a whole site since the last update about this topic. Despite of some services being added just for completion there are a couple of real innovations. Of course this concers the prospering mobile market with its broad availability of devices today and new technologies. Beside new wallets and innovative service like ZooZ with its in app payment solution the NFC Technology gains traction, which enables to exchange data and by this is facilitating payments. A real boom happens regarding the acceptance of payments by credit cards on smartphones. There are a couple of solutions, either by software or peripheral devices to be plugged onto smartphones.

Always remarkable is the market entry of new electronic cash solutions, solutions storing cash in electronic ways to pay anonymously. Such services are offered by Kurrenci, opencuro and wipit.

As already mentioned at the review of internet marketing services, there is a significant trend towards interactive television accompanied by t-commerce. Teveo is a new service offering a solution to pay for premium content, a reach where PayPal already has become active.

Update August: Online Payment, Solutions and Electronic Cash

Venture Capital, Funds and Startup Services

The venture capital scene is in the move as well. On one side there is the growing influence of crowd funding and on the other side the scene is in a move by itself. The latter is expressed by independent platforms to compare vc firms and business matching. Additionally global activities happen like startup networks, events or offering startup offices.

Update August: Venture Capital, Funds and Startup Services

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