The Connected TV Market and the Future of Smart Homes

Here are some up to date stats about the connected tv market. The stats do explicitly concern shipped tv sets and to describe this research it may be added that there are various other ways to connect to the internet from the tv set like it may happen by game consoles and set top boxes, which makes these numbers even more exciting.

Already one quarter of tv sets shipped in the US are equipped with a direct connection to the internet and in western Europe it is even one third of shipped tv sets. In total numbers China is leading by three million devices shipped in the first quarter 2012. In the case of manufacturers Sony is the leader by half of tv sets being able to connect to the internet followed by Samsung with 27 % and LG with around 13 %. At all connected tv sets and devices are a general trend driven by consumer interest.

Connected television market share grows

A further look into the future is done by a study on smart homes. Interestingly according to interviewed experts this development will depend on available infrastructures and the willing of people to invest in connectivity opposed to people just fulfilling their communication needs and feeling comfortable in a non connected household.

The Future of Smart Systems

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