Video Advertising in Long Form Video

A study on video advertising regarding long form video by Adobe, the Adobe Digital Video Advertising Report 2012, has found high acceptance of in stream video advertising being placed deep within the video content, the midroll ads. Parameter has been the completion rate, the complete viewing of an ad, which becomes an established parameter to measure the acceptance and success of video advertising campaigns.

There are two obvious conclusions. Viewers are accepting video advertising to view long form video being a chance to branding. This kind of video advertising is similar to conventional tv ads and by this being controversial to other promising video advertising formats fostering interactivity and engagement. But at the same time viewers are being bound to view the whole content and indeed the completion rates of video advertising at the end of long form video are by far lower, which may give a chance for interactive video advertising formats again.

At all the study pronounces another success factor, which is the technological flawless integration of video advertising to give a seamless experience to viewers to keep their attention.

Adobe Finds Midroll Ads Have More Consumer Appeal

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