Social Media Marketing Trends

A lot has been reported lately about the discrepancy between expenses for online advertising and the popularity of social media accompanied by the prognosis marketers will spend more money for social media advertising. Further insights into the usage of social media by marketers is given by a study of Booz & Company, which surveyed 100 top companies about up to date usage and future plans to use social media.

Regarding advertising this study has the same predictions regarding social media advertising by giving it a high priority in the context of shifts in media spending in general. Engaging with the top three social networks, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube has the highest agreement. Beside this there are some other priorizations accompanied by insights how enterprises do organize their social media engagement and allocate different tasks.

Currently public relations and customer services are the most spreaded instruments of the marketing mix following advertising. The latter already shows the difficulties to organize the allocation of tasks going along with a higher degree of interactivity. Correlating is the development of content and community management. These approaches already do need investments and lead to social media usage beyond marketing. Further approaches of social media use by companies beyond marketing is an issue of the future with projects still in early or experimental phases.

Below are an article and a summary of the study.

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