Online Video and new Entertainment Formats

Online Video is still growing. Latest studies have shown that the growth rate is slowing in a typical way of new products and their lifecycles at a particular stage but that people already consuming online video are doing so much often.

Streaming Time Outgrowing Audience Size

YouTube by far is the biggest player in the online video space and internet video by far the most popular genre. In this context it is interesting that Facebook is the service with the largest growth rate making it the second largest platform and internet video even more popular. Furthermore and as online video is growing in general other genres like news and videos on news pages make an impact. According to up to date figures by comScore the second largest growth rate goes to NBC.

Facebook, NBC Show Impressive Video Audience Growth

Online video at the same time has become a most popular advertising media. eMarketer expects that video advertising will grow with a compound rate of 38 % until 2015, in 2012 with a growth rate of about 43 % making it the fastest growing online advertising sector.

2012 Trends: Video Leads Online Ad Growth

What makes online video advertising different to tv advertising is the reach and on the other site better ways to target users, to engage users and to interact with them. A study by GfK additionally has found that online ads are better serving the need to improve the short term roi.

Online ads ‘better than TV for short-term ROI

To bring more insights into the online video market the internet video solution provider ooyala lately introduced the VideoMind Video Index Report. The quarterly published report examines the behavior of about 100 million video users in 30 countries accessing 1 billion videos daily. The report being published for the first time is available by subscription.

VideoMind Video Index: Analytics Meets Big Data

But not only online video is changing the media landscape of mooving images. TV itself starts to change by features like smart and social tv bringing social media and other features already known by the online world to the tv set. This will enable new forms of entertainment and participation. One such game changer is transmedia storytelling. Depending to the extent transmedia storytelling is realized it enables the access via various channels and participation of users. Last but not least other forms of online entertainment will come up reflected by a couple of articles listed at the last link below.

How Transmedia Storytelling Is Changing TV

Change Accelerators and Experiential Entertainment

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