Google Update and Social Search

Google again makes furore in the search engine marketing space by its search engine and the development towards a network and social network, which is forced by Google+.

The development towards a network and social network, to be distinguished regarding a closed network and the importance of data as a precondition for search engine marketing, leads to not published data, which might be reasoned in privacy issues and if anomized in some reason. Fact is that this is happening already on a large scale with figures mentioned of about 30 % of all search queries. This may lead to a distortion of the real search behavior and may be strengthened by guessing a different search behavior of people using the closed environment probably to be described as power users. Some even prognosticate the end of search engine marketing as it is known.

‚Not Provided‘ Search Numbers Rising, Where Will They Stop?

Another heavy impact on search engine marketing comes from the latest update of the Google search engine algorithm, which sets preferences on more up to date content. Econsultancy has some first figures about the consequences showing that sites with fresh content are clearly favored.

Google’s Freshness Update: what’s the effect on websites?

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