Personal Analytics Service for Google+

PlusClout has launched a personal analytics service for the Google+ social network. The service is measuring the influence of particular people and creates a ranking. It is most comfortable and people are presented with a profile page including their scoring and further information. A widget and sharing functions enable to pass on a profile and to put the scoring on other sites. Additional functions are a search engine to look for interesting people and a tool called CloutStream, which for any reason is up to now only available on the profile pages but has an own url, provides a lifestreaming service on posts.

At other internet addresses PlusClout is offering a whole bundle of further Google+ tools. There is the profile search engine FindPeopleOnPlus also equipped with further functions like lifestreaming, the search engine PostsOnPlus enabling to search for posts and Plus Buddy, an analytics tool to find relevant Facebook friends to add to Google+ contacts. Visit The Next Web for a further review about PlusClout.

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