Google+ and the new Navigation Bar

At the end of June Google announced comprehensive new social media functions, the Google+ project. This project is most far reaching, comprises the Google+ function to share websites already existing and will make available social networking facilities on the Google homepage later on. Currently the latter is available to invited people during a beta phase to test the facilities.

Eye catching now is the new design of the Google homepage with a black navigation bar on the top. Search Engine Watch reported, that this navigation bar is a preview of those upcoming features of the implemented Google+ functions and has some previews within the article Google’s Black Navigation Bar a Preview of Google+ Project.

Below is the official Google blog post announcing the Google+ project including various videos introducing the features. Currently and beside the beta phase an app for Google Android is already available at the Android Market. Last but not least the announcement goes along with disabling the realtime function of Google search, which opened up some new speculations about intentions and the broad importance of the Google+ project.

Introducing the Google+ project: Real-life sharing, rethought for the web

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