Mobile Advertising Demand Side Platform for Campaign Management

StrikeAd is describing itself as the first demand side platform on mobile advertising. Using the term dsp the company reflects a trend of the market, the growing general acceptance of advertising marketplaces offering a large amound of inventory opposed to the sell side platforms usually managed by publishers. The services of StrikeAd are devided into two parts, a demand side platforms with further services to manage and controll campaigns and managed services supporting the organization of mobile advertising campaigns.

The dsp service of StrikeAd is called StrikeAd Fusion. This platform is designed to meet the special needs of the mobile advertising market, connects to mobile advertising exchanges and mobile advertising networks, enables the planing, administration and controlling of numerous campaigns with global reach. Already obligatory in this field are realtime bidding facilities being part of the service. With these features and an open environment facilitated by an api interface the service meets the demand of companies as well as agencies. Further managed services are available by StrikeAd Engage, a managed service for mobile campaigns. For further information visit StrikeAd.

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