Social Targeting with Realtime Bidding

Sociomantic is an online advertising solution provider bringing up a new level to targeting at online display advertising. The proprietary technology of Sociomantic consists of a social targeting system, which matches the need of granualized markets by enabling exact targeting up to personalized advertising. To Sociomantic targeting based on interests is the first level, which may be enhanced up to personalization by the integration of own data out of crm systems and the like (s.a. Performance Display). These deep levels as well as the real-time bidding feature to be combined with behavioral targeting leads to precision and an improvement of efficiency.

To advertisers the services are available as a managed real-time bidding platform. Further information is given by an interview and is available at the website of Sociomantic by information as well as presentations accessible by the tag Social Targeting. Below is a presentation of Sociomantic.

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