Internet Marketing Review November

The directory update November contains the topics Internet Marketing, Online Payment and B2B Trade. Below follows a brief analysis of up to date internet marketing trends.

Internet Marketing and Advertising

The November Update once again is showing signs of convergence both between online media and media at all. A top issue is targeting and its optimization by focussing of new options arosen by the social web. To be named there are RadiumOne with intention based targeting and social targeting as well as the already introduced service Taykey, which uses realtime trend research to target new focus groups immediately (s.a. Social Media Data, Trend Research and Online Advertising).

The integration of offline data happens by Cardlytics and Clovr Media with both services using data of credit card customers for online targeting. To be viewed controversially are the ambitions of BlueCava. The service is using a method to identify particular electronic devices and anonymizes the data to be used for targeting and fraud protection.

Convergence these days allways means internet video and marketing, too. Regarding video marketing several services do provide online distribution and analytics. In the context of convergence again there are AdsCaptcha enabling video advertising within captcha elements and a new marketplace on product placement called Product Place Me.

The most broad array of new services is provided to social media marketing. Influence and reputation management as well as social media analytics and engagement are the hottest topics. In the range of influence and reputation management personal analytics services seem to get growing attention. After some services already being introduced the former months now again two new services have been launched. These are offering personal marketing tools and influence management and shwowp, which is a first vertical service. shwowp is focussing on online shopping and combines social shopping with influence research.

Update November: Internet Marketing and Advertising

Online Payment, Micropayment and Money Transfer

Online payment regarding security is a sensitive issue, which has established itself slowly but is showing fast growing acceptance now. Most popular are services enabling money transfer online between persons and for business purposes. Too, micropayment to pay for digital content and goods gains momentum. In this reach now big players are moving. PayPal has launched a micropayment intitiative called Digital Goods and Visa has entered the market by the service PayClick by Visa, which up to now is available in Australia only.

Both interesting at all and maybe to be seen as a strategy to force online payment are a couple of payment innovations. Regarding content the already well known service Flattr is offering an alternate way to monetize content by voluntary payment for favored content. RatePay is a service facilitating instalment payment by being integrated into online shops. Last but not least there is PayNearMe providing a way to shop online and to pay offline.

Update November: Online Payment Services and Solutions

B2B Trade, Online Marketplaces and Business Directories

The topic b2b trade includes business information, b2b online trading platforms and business directories. There are both common b2b platforms and vertical trading platforms listed.

Update November: B2B Online Trade Platforms

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