Mass Supercenter eCommerce is expected to rise

Electronic commerce companies already have a big impact on the consumer goods market. A term describing companies like Amazon and eBay is the mega market. Usually these giants have something in particular with Amazon being started as a book store and eBay being started as an auction website today enriched with shops. These companies by their market placements usually rather took marginal shares of existing markets than replacing markets.

Regarding consumer goods a study by Nielsen suggests, that this may change in the future by „mass supercenter / e-commerce“ revenues. The reasons for this change are the still increasing usage of the internet especially for shopping purposes and the upcoming broad adaption of mobile internet use with its peculiarities to reach users personally and to send offers directly. By this market shifts are expected with an impact in the range of percents.

Supercenters, E-commerce Will Gain CPG Dollar Share

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