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The live blogging service Cover It Live has sent out some notes today talking about its success and announcing new features being available on February 16 th.

Through the last year the service increased the page views generated by its users by 8000 %. Whereas page views today may sound strange, it is a big increase and a notable number in the case of that particular blogging format. Too, the company reports, that it is used by a broad array of media companies to facilitate live coverage.

To fulfill this demand new packages have been announced, a basic version with basic functions suitable for bloggers and the like and an enterprise level premium version. Both versions are free with the latter being financed by advertising. Companies relying on income by advertising themselves or aiming to monetize their live coverage may use an opt out version and switch to a paid version. Last but not least the premium version may be bought at Pluck, which includes a service level agreement with 24/7 monitoring.

Further new features are integrated live video streaming made possible by a partnership with Stickam. Too, the management facilities have become enhanced to meet the requirements of enterprises and further networking facilities have been added including customizable feeds.

Unfortunately I have not been able to find a press release on the Cover It Live Site to refer to it. Nevertheless you will find further information about the service at the Cover It Live homepage.

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