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Publishing Organizations

ASP, Association of Shareware Professionals
Software Publishing, Description Framework

DAISY, Digital Accessible Information System Consortium

Fair Syndication Consortium

Future of the Books
Books and Literature, Digitalization and Networking

IDPF, International Digital Publishing Forum

NEPA, Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association

Nieman Journalism Lab

Online Publishers Association

UK Association of Online Publishers

OCLC, Open Computer Library Center

PEOGA, Pan European Online Games Association

Journalism Online
Payment Project, Publisher Initiative on Paid Content

The Information Valet Project
Initiative on Paid Content and Financing by Advertising

Open Access (Scientific Publishing)
Publikation: JISC Open Access Publishing

OpenDOAR, Directory of Open Access Repositories

SMPTE, Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

ENPA, European Newspaper Publishers Association

FAEP, European Federation of Magazine Publishers

Magazine Publishers of America
Online Magazine Business, Magazine Marketing


AIIM, Enterprise Content Management Association

Axmedis Project
Automating Production of Cross Media Content
for Multi-channel Distribution

World Association of Newspapers

IPTC, International Press Telecommunications Council
Industry Standardization Initiative

WebDAV, Web based Distributed Authoring and Versioning

International Federation of Journalists

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