3D Graphic Community and Hosting

About 200000 creatives have already joined the 3d graphic community Sketchfab, who uploaded about 300000 graphics. Sketchfab describes itself by becoming some kind of a YouTube like community for 3d graphics.

The idea came up by missing a community for all the digital graphic artists around. These artists now are served by a platform offering comfortable hosting supporting most of all 3d content standards, about 30 formats in numbers. The graphics become displayed within a universal player and may be shared by embedding or sharing. Furthermore the comfortable player is equipped with various viewing modes and a vr modus compatible to Google Cardboard.

A lot of further features even serves business purposes. The upload of 3d files may happen comfortably by the use of a plugin available for graphic software and more complex graphics may become described by interactive annotations.

The hosting is available by three plans, a free and two pro versions. Primarily these differ by the size of files, number of annotations and being able to customize backgrounds. Below are two examples, further stuff and information is available at the homepage of Sketchfab.

Eyeball Creature
by skadoo
on Sketchfab

by neurodigital
on Sketchfab

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