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adfree network is a new social network guaranteeing privacy. The service describes itself by being a premium network similar to a club. It is located in Germany and by this strong privacy regulations apply. adfree network is available in Austria, Germany, UK and USA.

The name describes the main concern of the network, offering a adfree network without the hassle of tracking and tracing. Furthermore no public profiles are generated to be spidered by search engines. Data remain at the service and will not be shared and sold to others. So it is astonishing that the costs are most affordable. There is only a one time fee of 9 Euro to use the network for one year. The following years are even free (this is the current state, which may change according to the terms).

The features are typical for a social network. People are able to create profiles, to add friends and share content. Furthermore groups are available to discuss stuff. Later the service will enable enterprises to create fanpages. This feature is announced but currently not available, at least it does not appear during the registration process. Companies will have a main role for the network, because the service will be financed by the fees companies have to pay to create fanpages. This business model is the reason why in the future and after the first year private users will have free access. Last but not least there is no restriction regarding using the service just for private or for business purposes as well.

So you may suppose that adfree network is in an early stage. This is true and gives chances by joining the service early. Only a few groups have been created and it is easy to get a nice name and to get a good reputation. Furthermore an affiliate program is offered enabling members to earn some money by referring new users. There is a free trial period of 15 days to test the service: adfree network.

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