Free HTML5 Online Course

The W3C, the official body creating web standards itself, is offering a free online course to learn HTML5. If you don’t know, HTML is the programming language to create websites and since its latest version HTML5 to create mobile sites and other stuff as well.

The course is of interest to both beginners and advanced people. It teaches basics and does focus on the integration of media, music, video and more. The latter is a novum as well as by creating websites by using HTML5 a visitor does not need a special software to receive media, which now is handled by up to date browsers.

The course is organized in cooperation with the elearning site edX, which is offering other stuff to learn as well. The official information by the W3C about the course is available by this press release. The official page of the HTML5 course including registration is available by the following link: Learn HTML5 from W3C.

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