Social Listening and Viewing by SyncMeTo

There is a new service to listen und view synchronously aka social listening and social viewing. It is called SyncMeTo and represents itself by a minimalistic homepage. But it got some interesting features.

To start enjoying media together the service provides a link to the one initiating the party. A link is provided to be shared with others. The person who started the show has administration rights enabling to start, pause and finish the shows as well as to show something else. Currently the service works with urls by YouTube, Vimeo and Soundcloud.

There are and have already been similar services. One part started to serve business clients and others simply disappeared despite enjoyning media socially seems to be something great. Probably the makers of SyncMeTo keeps these occurences in mind by equipping the service with personalization features regarding the design of the page a link refers to. This e.g. enables to implement the logo of a company and use it for presentations. Something the services does foster by mentioned this purpose in particular. To learn more visit SyncMeTo.

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