New Social Network pays for Sharing

Other social networks have grown rapidly and become greater than those offering revenues to its users. There have been some attempts to engage users to create content for money like participatory media. These early approaches let to crowd sourcing or user generated advertising services usually offering creative people opportunities in the form of tenders or competitions to compete for projects. By crowd funding people may even get financed own projects.

But the idea remains seductive. Now tsu has launched with the approach offering its members money to upload and share stuff. The service looks great and appears in a modern design. Participants may earn by uploading all kind of media including images, photos, music and videos and sharing it. The service is using the classic model of financing itself by advertising and will share 90% of its revenues with its members according to the faq. Classical as well is the way tsu aims to grow by letting members invite other people to participate (no worry, there is a solution). In a similar fashion, the big ones have started such as Facebook with a community on a university campus. But does hassles already start here, do social media users not want to make money on social networks opposed to professionally engaged creative people? Whether already a sign of lack of growth or being an initiative of third parties (as also referring new participants is part of the business model), there is tsumatic. It is a marketplace enabling members to share the necessary short code to become a member of the invite only social network. So if you like to participate in this exciting social network and give it a try to compete with others for a part of the shared money, your way is either to get a personal invitation or a short code via tsumatic and submit it during the registration procedure at tsu.

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